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Stringing Tennis Rackets

Professional tennis rackets knitting e-machine.

Knitting is pravi to adjust global strings of all trademarks, promptly and with excellent quality.

To bat napletena you according to your requirements ostvete her to us and will sagurnost your desires!

Addresses: kv.Dianabat ul.Tintyava 29/na courts of Tennis Club "Diana" /;

                  kv.Dianabat Kalina Gabrovski 16 (with / at hotel "Diana-1") store for u th TennisPro

Knitting Price: 10 BGN. + strings

Duration: 1 hour


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    For the delivery services we use courier cumpany, and you can pay on hand.</div>
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    For more information, please call us: <b>0888 76 89 92</b></div>

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